A: My name is Nala Kitters, even though I’m a boy! My family calls me ‘Kitters’ for short. I’m a 1 year old kitty and I have 4 canine siblings and a bird brother (who calls my name all day long).

Q: Is there a special story behind your name?

A: There is! When my meowmy rescued me off the street, I was only 2 weeks old. Being her very first cat, and since I was so young, she thought I was a girl (What an amateur). My name was originally Nala, so they added “Kitters” at the end to make it up to me.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you?

A: Finding my furever home! When my meowmy found me, my eye was completely sealed shut with an infection, but she cured me. Let me tell you, two eyes truly are better than one. After I was all better, the first time I cuddled with my new family I was in kitty heaven.

Q:  Tell us about your best day ever:

A: Well, that’s easy! One day, I was home alone and my daddy forgot that I could climb on counters (this is why I love daddy). Would you believe it, he left a WHOLE half-eaten sandwich on the table. I was just purrin’ out of control. Long story short, I was a full and happy kitty for the rest of the day. To make it better, daddy didn’t even notice! I was only caught when my meowmy saw the plate out of the counter with licks all over it… meowmy is so smart. I didn’t even get in trouble! Best. Day. Ever.

Q: What’s your favorite treat?

A: Meow, that’s easy! Anything that’s on meowmy’s plate!